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Moovn Drivers are integral to our success and we strive to ensure that they are always empowered and happy. We put our partners first because we believe that they'll always go the extra mile for our customers.





Seamlessly Book Rides for your Staff, Schedule Deliveries or Manage Logistics for your company through our comprehensive Web-based Platform and Apps.


Noobea is our fully integrated E-Commerce platform that enables users to safely sell or buy merchandise and products online. The platform also includes the option to choose Delivery by MoovnRUSH - our delivery and package tracking solution integrated with the Moovn App.


Shooga is a platform that enables our users to raise money for everyday life events, or donate towards causes they care about in their community.

Shooga is integrated with Moovn Pay which enables users to transact across our Moovn Technologies ecosystem of platforms. Click the button below to launch a campaign or donate some Shooga to a cause!



RUSH is a new product from Moovn that enables businesses to schedule delivery services safely from their storefront to their customers doorstep. Our Enterprise and Small Business clients enjoy a comprehensive web and mobile based solutions that helps them track and manage logistics on the go.

Sign Up for Moovn RUSH today for your business or even to simply send groceries, online orders or packages to a loved one across town, and we will get it there on time!


MoovnPay is our proprietary payment wallet that facilitates cashless transactions within our integrated ecosystem of solutions.

MoovnPay enables our users to pay for services using a single account across all our products and services. This solution also features an innovative "CashOut" feature that enables our Drivers and Sellers (Noobea) to seamlessly and instantly pay themselves directly to their bank account or mobile money account.