Cashless Future

Moovn Pay is our proprietary payment platform that is integrated with leading Payment Gateways and mobile money solutions such as MPESA, MTN Money, Airtel Money and TigoPesa.


Whether shopping on Noobea for the latest fashion or booking a ride on Moovn, MoovnPay is working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless, secure and cash-free payment experience.

It is stated that Cash dominates nearly 75% of payments transactions across Africa. Moovn Pay is adequately positioned to process digital and mobile money transactions for more than 395 Million Telecom subscribers, in more that 20 Countries and 87 Major Cities across the Continent.

Moovnment Foundation

Moovn Technologies has traditionally used its platform to speak on social justice issues from the beginning of time. We launched the Moovnment Foundation aimed at giving back to our communities as well as addressing socio-economic and racial disparities. Black People – particularly Africans and African Americans are oftentimes discriminated upon when it comes to employment opportunities, housing, career advancement or Funding. 


In June 2014, Godwin decided to launch Moovn Technologies with zero technical skills and a budget of $5,000.  After 9 months, the first Moovn App prototype was launched into the Seattle Market and the rest is considered history.

After graduating with an MBA from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business, Godwin was eager to return to the job market and begin climbing the corporate ladder. The job search was not as smooth as he had anticipated. Passed up for multiple job opportunities, Godwin decided to pursue entrepreneurship with a business idea he had shelved for years. 

Entering the Tech field was not easy especially given his competitors were already valued in the Billions. Not only was he ridiculed by investors and being told that he was “overly ambitious”, but was also shunned by software engineers who thought his business plan was unrealistic.  Getting Moovn off the ground was not easy. Godwin spent many days and nights teaching himself how to code, and depleted his entire life savings into building the platform from scratch. 


Moovn CEO – Godwin Gabriel pictured in action conducting a Moovn App demonstration with Drivers in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Moovn Technologies was founded with a tri-fold agenda which is: MOVING PEOPLE, DRIVING COMMERCE & CHANGING LIVES. We believe that technology has the power to either transform or marginalize people of color. We choose to focus on building technologies that will transform lives. For instance, we provide solutions to address discrimination of African American riders on competing rideshare platforms, creating a centralized marketplace for people to safely transact online or a payment solution that promotes financial inclusion particularly in disenfranchised communities.

Above all, we are committed to reinvesting in the communities that we do business in, as well as build a pipeline of future technical talent in support of Black Tech.


Did you know that Moovn Technologies is 100% designed, built, and maintained by brilliant young men and women in Africa?

Since Africa has largely been viewed as a consumer of technology, we decided to set our goals on changing the narrative from Consumers to Producers. This means that if you catch a Moovn ride in the streets of New York City or Nairobi (Kenya), expect your Moovn App experience to be engineered by young African men and women behind the platform. In fact, this makes us the ONLY technology services platform that is 100% produced and exported from the continent of Africa to America.


“Facebook Inc. says that 3 percent of its U.S. workforce is black, up from 2 percent in 2014. The company has declined to say how many of those people occupy technical roles. Only 2 percent of Google’s workers are black, a figure that has remained static for the past three years. The Alphabet Inc. unit’s efforts to increase that have sparked an internal backlash, with one former employee suing because of perceived discrimination against white and male candidates”. – Fortune Magazine

Moovn Technologies is compelled to address the lack of diversity in tech within the US given the under-representation of black people employed by technology companies. We also recognize that in order for us to scale, we need to support tech programs within our communities that would create a future pipeline of career and leadership opportunities for young black people.

We also recognize that there is a limited number of Tech related programs which invest in young black men and women in our communities. Our Moovnment Foundation aims to provide training, college recruitment, sustainable careers and leadership opportunities for young black men and women. Our goal is to support Tech related Programs in predominantly black Public Schools and HBCUs (Historic Black Colleges & Universities) across the United States and beyond.

Funds raised from the initiative will also be dedicated towards supporting initiatives and organizations that cater to programs related to Tech in predominantly black Public Schools and Historic Black Colleges & Universities across the United States.


“If consumer spending accounts for 70 percent of the entire US economy, imagine what directing some of that spending power to Black-owned businesses across the country can do. 48 percent of small of small business purchases are recirculated locally compared to only 14 percent of what’s circulated by chain stores. Supporting Black-owned businesses in turn support families, employees, and other business owners, as well as attract community investors who provide banking services, loans, and promote financial literacy–all things that build economic strength.” – Green Business Network (

We recognize that we have an opportunity to become a formidable technology company behind sustainable infrastructure of accessible platforms, that will elevate economic empowerment of black communities across America and beyond.

Support of The Moovnment Foundation enables us to economically empower disenfranchised black communities and change lives around the world for generations to come.



Moovn Technologies is excited to launch RUSH – our newest platform that enables businesses to seamlessly manage and track products from their store to their customers doorstep. RUSH is also integrated with the Moovn app to ensure the customer can track the package throughout the delivery process.

Delivering Promises

We understand that time is valuable and therefore go out of our way to ensure that we are equally committed to delivering smiles for your customers. MoovnRUSH features a comprehensive and user friendly Dashboard that enables our business customers to easily track their packages from point to point. ensure that your package is delivered safely and on time.

What Makes Us Different

Not only do drivers earn more on our platform but we also feature vehicle options that fit every package weight and size.

We also assign an account manager that will be dedicated to ensure all your business questions and needs are answered.

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Wall Of Fame

Wall Of Fame

Moovn is built on the premise of Community and we are eternally grateful to the contributors who have graciously gone above and beyond our minimum campaign contribution in support of our Moovn The Future initiative.

A special shout-out goes to the following individuals who’s generous contributions have helped to keep our dream alive and ambitions moving:

Moovn Business

Moovn Business

Moovn offers you tons of technology features built in our website or app for added convenience and peace of mind. We’ve got solutions whether it’s for booking rides for your staff, handling logistics for your clients or simply ordering products to be delivered to your business. Click the link below to Sign Up so we can get your business Moovn today!



Delivery Services

Want a package or something delivered to your business? Simply fill out the short form on the reservation page and we’ll have the item delivered to you in no time!

Business Travel

Add or Remove Staff with ease and manage your organizations business travel expenses under one account.

One Card For All

Control all your company’s business travel expenses using a single payment method. This means less expense reports to deal with every month-end.

Client Account Manager

A dedicated client account manager is ready to assist you or your organization with providing solutions to any account queries whenever needed.

Keeping Each Other Safe


The best way you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to take care of yourself first.  If you are not feeling well, stay home. We all play a significant part in preventing exposure. Besides this, we have established the following guidelines to help keep you and our community safe;

WASH OR DISINFECT HANDS – Wash or disinfect your hands often, especially before and after each ride.

WEAR A MASK – Drivers and Passengers will be required to wear a mask during the entire ride period – no exceptions. Drivers will have the right of refusal for service and cancellation fees may apply should Passengers fail to adhere to this policy.

MAINTAIN RECOMMENDED DISTANCE – We recommend all riders use the back seat in order to maintain distance with both parties.

OPEN WINDOWS –  We recommend keeping windows open when possible or weather permitting. 



Our drivers are committed to providing a safe riding experience. In select, Drivers will be provided with the necessary cleaning supplies to ensure proper cleanliness of vehicles. Additionally, Moovn Drivers will also be required to wear face masks while transporting riders to their destinations. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in immidiate deactivation from our platform.


Public Health Information Resources:

The best way you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to take care of yourself first.  If you are not feeling well, stay home. We all play a part in preventing exposure.

We have also compiled a short list of useful links that will provide you more information on COVID-19:

Visit the US Government’s official Coronavirus website, The CDC and organizations such as the WHO to gain more insights on COVID-19 Public Health Directives and Prevention Measures. Check out the following links to get current updates and information regarding COViD-19:

+ The Center For Disease Control

+ World Health Organization

+ US Government Coronavirus Website

Godwin Gabriel

Godwin Gabriel

Mastermind – Chief Executive

Godwin Gabriel is Mastermind and Chief Executive at Moovn Technologies. He is responsible for the vision and strategic stewardship of Moovn’s daily operations including our global expansions across North America and Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

Our Story

Our Story

Our team and partners share a steadfast passion for driving change within our local communities as much we are about building transformative technologies for our customers. We’re social justice driven and passionate about changing lives in the communities we do business in. Together, we continue to build an enterprise that has set a benchmark for innovation


Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount to our success. We strive to provide a positive user experience for our technology customers and our partner operators who work diligently to fulfill our company’s mission in delivering service excellence. We have designed our safety policies to ensure everyone is covered because it’s always a win-win situation when safety is placed first.

Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael joined Moovn in September of 2015 as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. He is highly credited for developing the innovative marketing strategies that have enabled the company to grow its brand across various media channels, domestically and internationally.

Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell

Director of Business Strategy

Sharon rejoined Moovn Technologies in early 2020 and is in charge of championing Moovn’s strategic and financial initiatives. Sharon is a multi-faceted Business Manager who also oversees Moovn’s Human Resources as well as Technical Project Management functions.